Bringing Joy to the World of disability! I wish you could have seen the smiling faces of children and adults with disabilities our Teams saw in South Africa and the Dominican Republic! Their faces lit up with hope and joy, simply by our interest in their lives! As we touched them and held them, we could literally feel their spirits quicken within them! That changed our lives, and you need to know… we all came back broken by the overwhelming need discovered. We also came back encouraged, knowing the need is one that WE can so easily meet…if we work together…even just a little bit. TOGETHER.  That means we are counting on YOU.


Dear friends… trust me when I say…they have nothing!... TOGETHER, we can and we will see that changed!

On these trips, we all received an undeniable mandate from the Lord… “BRING JOY TO THE WORLD of disability!” There is NO QUESTION He has ordained a plan to use Special Touch to that end since seeds have now been planted overseas. Those seeds have already grown into an invitation to expand to Columbia and other parts of Africa.  Yes…He has a plan and His plan includes you!


We are not short on opportunity… it’s bursting at the seams as the World opens to us! We are not short on volunteers…they’re stepping to the plate as God increases that base! As Executive Director one of my major responsibilities is to cast vision to help fund these God given opportunities to bring Christ to the World of disability.  To that end, we look to God for our supply, but… God looks to you to be engaged in meeting His need.


Last month we began an initiative that can potentially fund the ministry’s daily operation and expansion, requiring little of any one person, IF everyone participates. The best Christmas gift you could give to the World of Disability is to make a faith promise of a regular monthly gift!  Many of you have done that, but there is room for so many more!  If you haven’t considered a monthly gift to Special Touch, will you do so now?  Will you stand with us as an advocate in this God-given mandate? Ask God to help you commit to a consistent monthly gift.  Pray about $50 a month, by faith! Even $10 or $25 a month will collectively get the job done…The key is for everyone to strive to do something.  Even $5 isn’t too small.


We have prayed over this initiative. Our immediate goal is to raise at least $8000 a month…not very much for a National organization. I’d like to ask our Caregivers and Summer Get Away volunteers to be the first to commit. You have served on the front lines with us. I know you! I’ve seen your heart of compassion in action. God has bonded us together, in ministry, as real family.  As you read this letter I am praying and trusting you’ll understand the need!  Can I count on you to lead the way by marking one of the amounts on the enclosed card?  And, if you can include an immediate, end of the year gift, it will help us greatly as we close out our books for 2012.


Volunteer or not, I’m asking everyone to join us, and I pray many of you will one day come with us on a trip to take the Joy of Jesus to the World of disability.  For now, I am asking you to prayerfully make a monthly Faith Promise, so that nothing will stand in the way of Special Touch going into ALL the World as these unprecedented opportunities open before us! Your partnership is deeply cherished.  As we continue this initiative, I will bring you updates of where we stand. In the meantime, PLEASE… look at these pictures with the Eyes of your Heart! Let the Holy Spirit speak to you. We have work to do!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Charlie and Debbie Chivers



The roof of this building was so thin you could barely hear Charlie speaking over the sound of pouring rain outside.
School Devotions in Cafeteria

Translation of Special Touch teaching into verbal
and written Spanish (also sign language).
 The roof of this building was so thin that you could barely hear Charlie speaking over the sound of pouring rain outside.

 In some areas of the Dominican Republic you cannot see suffering.....  In other areas it's all around.  The building above
was fully standing only that morning.


Mission we visited without a front window.
 Above is the mission we visited that was missing a front window.  This building is just across the street from the mission.


 A student painting.  A young man with Downs Syndrome and his sister.


Women of Special Touch Team meet with some
of the local young ladies.

 The Orphanage