Judea - Church Plant


Church Planting (Judea) focuses on starting healthy churches in the Wisconsin-Northern Michigan Ministries Network.  God is bringing together a group of young men and women who have a heart for God and a passion for His church.  A sense of God’s blessing rests on each of these unique new churches.

Church Planting is supported by the 202060 missions giving strategy.  Every church in our network is encouraged to contribute 20 percent of their missions income to undesignated church planting.  Many of our churches have adopted this strategy.



  • Wisconsin-Northern Michigan has a total population of 5.5 million.
  • Wisconsin-Northern Michigan Ministries Network has a total of 190 churches.
    • That is a ratio of one church for every 29,000 people.

If within the Wisconsin-Northern Michigan Ministries Network there was one church for every 10,000 people, the total number of churches needed is:


The total number of churches we need to plant would be…



  • To plant 360 churches within the Wisconsin-Northern Michigan Ministries Network. 
  • To reach a ratio of one church for every 10,000 people.  



To start 40 of the 360 new churches in Wisconsin-Northern Michigan in the next 36 months.

By December 31, 2019, within our Ministries Network, our dream is to number 230 healthy churches.  The key word is HEALTHY.

If we were to plant 40 healthy churches by 2019, that alone would bring our ratio to one church for every 24,000 people.  That is moving in the right direction.

The Strategy

To divide the church planting department of the Wisconsin-Northern Michigan Ministries Network into four multiplication categories with each group representing a different demographic and geographic area within our Ministries Network. 

The four subgroups would include Suburban, Urban, Rural & Ethnic. Of those 40 churches that we would hope to plant in the next 36 months…


36 Month Goal

Suburban - 10

Urban - 10

Rural - 10

Ethnic - 10


To develop four leadership teams to bring focus to each demographic area. 

Each demographic area would be led by a team leader who would, in turn, develop his/her core group (2 or 3 individuals) who share a heart and passion for their unique demographic. 

  • Each team would determine how often to meet and would develop their own agenda to include prayer, vision casting and planning their unique strategy for reaching their unique demographic/geographic areas. 
  • Each team would formulate a list of targeted cities/towns within our Ministries Network for Assemblies of God church plants.
  • Each TEAM LEADER would be appointed by the District Missions Director.  

    To develop a two-year/three-track workable plan that would equip every church planter and his/her team for a HEALTHY birth within the context of THEIR demographic.

    When a prospective church planter has completed his/her credentialing requirements and is called to plant a church in the Wisconsin-Northern Michigan Ministries Network, he/she then enrolls in a two year/three track training program designed to prepare the church planter for a healthy launch.


    (Because we are requiring every new church planter to secure a relationship with a parenting church, this program is designed to partner with the parenting church.)


    Two thousand years ago, Jesus made a promise.  "I will build my church."  (Matthew 16:18)


    Church Plants in 2016:

     Kim & Jenny Buckman Eau Claire Iglesia Tiempo PAC by Harvestime - Eau Claire
     Scott & Elizabeth Harms Franklin Root Rivr Church Plant
     Joshua & Angie Dostal Janesville Mercy Hill PAC by Mercy Hill - Milwaukee
     Kim & Jenny Buckman Mondovi Harvestime

    PAC by Harvestime - Eau Claire

     Silas & Lauren Apple New Holstein City Church

    PAC by City Church - Sheboygan

     Greg & Sandy Welch Sussex New Hope Church

    Church Plant


    New church planters who have begun the process:

    Alex & Rebecca Blahnik Muskego Compass Church April 2, 2017
    Sarah Boes Green Bay Exchange Church TBD
    Chris & Tracie Mancl Stevens Point Northpoint City Church September 17, 2017