Church Planting  [JUDEA] focuses on starting healthy churches in the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Ministries Network.  God is bringing together a group of young men and women who have a heart for God and a passion for His church.  Each church is unique and a sense of God's blessing rests on each of these new churches.  Church Planting is supported by the 20/20/60 missions giving strategy.  Every church in our network is encouraged to contribute 20 percent of their missions' income for undesignated church planting.  Many of our churches have adopted this strategy.

U.S. Missions  [SAMARIA] in our Ministries Network and our para-church ministries.  Hardly a week goes by that I don't receive some amazing report of a life changed through the efforts of our U.S. missionaries.  U.S. Missions is also supported by the 20/20/60 missions giving strategy.  Every church is encouraged to support U.S. Missions with 20 percent of their monthly missions income.

World Missions  [ENDS OF THE EARTH] in the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Network supports thirty missionaries.  At the past District Summit, we laid hands on and prayed over three of our missionaries going to various regions of the world.  Personally, it was the highlight of my Summit experience.  Each church is in our network is encouraged to designate 60 percent of their monthly mission's income to support world missionaries.  We are an open district (allowing all Assembly of God missionaries to itinerate in Wisconsin and Northern Michigan), but we encourage our churches to make it a priority to support our own network missionaries first.

That is a simple review of our missions giving strategy.
We will continue to encourage every church in our network to move in this direction.